Why did Marilyn Manson and Dita Von Teese divorce?

This article provides discussion and details of sexual assault allegations.

Shock rocker Marilyn Manson has gained a reputation lately for being a pretty toxic person to date. According to his former fiancé, actor Evan Rachel Wood, he allegedly groomed her from a young age and was physically abusive during their courtship. The Westworld star first specifically called out the Beautiful People rocker on her official Instagram in February 2021, where she claimed he was “brainwashed” and “manipulated.” [her] to submission.” In January, she expanded on those allegations in her documentary Phoenix Rising, alleging that he “essentially raped her” during filming of his 2007 music video “Heart Shaped Glasses,” according to People.

Fifteen women have come forward accusing Manson of the assault, according to the Daily Mail, including model Ashley Morgan Smithline and “Game Of Thrones” star Esme Bianco. The “Dope Show” rocker, whose real name is Brian Warner, has denied all the allegations and filed a defamation lawsuit against Wood in March, according to The Guardian.

However, with his reputation being what it is, fans are taking a second look at his short-lived marriage to glamor and pin-up model Dita Von Teese, and the reasons behind their divorce.

Dita Von Teese reveals why her marriage to Marilyn Manson ended

When Evan Rachel Wood named ex-partner Marilyn Manson as her abuser in February 2021, former wife Dita Von Teese took to Instagram in a now-deleted post to open up about the real reason she and Manson divorced in 2007 after a and seven years of marriage reveal years together. “Please note that the details published do not match my personal experience over our 7 years together as a couple. Had they done that, I wouldn’t have married him,” she wrote, per The Cut, adding that their marriage “broke down due to infidelity and substance abuse.” She added, “Abuse of any kind has no place in any relationship.”

That account ties in with what Von Teese told the Telegraph in 2007, where she commented on his stubborn nature and infidelity, saying: “It was difficult because I tried to get him help for his problems and eventually I got it.” I realize he did I don’t want no help. I didn’t support his parties or his relationship with another girl, and as much as I loved him, I wasn’t going to be a part of it.

For his part, Manson told Spin that year that Von Teese had threatened to leave if he didn’t stop using drugs, but he portrayed himself as a victim, telling the outlet, “I shouldn’t be a rock star anymore … I’m out of this one.” emerged naked, featherless bird. He then pointedly added that Wood allegedly told him she would die for him, which made him “want to live.”

Marilyn Manson takes his shot with Madonna

In 2016, during an episode of her show Cocktails with Khloé, pin-up glamor model Dita Von Teese told Khloé Kardashian that a relationship with shock rocker Marilyn Manson now seems so foreign to her. “I think about the person I was with 15 years ago, I can’t imagine being with them,” she explained. She said this in the context of how people can “develop and grow,” but it also came on to Manson’s heels, who publicly attempted to have his shot starring none other than the Queen of Pop, Madonna.

Speaking to iD in 2015, he told the outlet, “I also want to announce that I still have a crush on Madonna and I would definitely fornicate her.” For her part, Madonna may or may not have been flattered in private, but publicly she rolled her eyes. On her official Instagram, she includes a photo of Manson with his quote superimposed over the image, and she captioned the pic, “Um…thanks!” C’mon Madge! You could have been Madonna Manson.

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