Who is Kane Lim from Bling Empire and how did he get so rich?

One look at Bling Empire star Kane Lim’s Instagram profile confirms what you already knew about the burgeoning reality darling: he’s super, super rich. Bling Empire, Netflix’s new reality show adaptation of Crazy Rich Asians, follows the lives of six of Beverly Hills’ most absurdly wealthy residents, including Kane.

Though Kane doesn’t exactly come from a modest background — he’s reportedly the heir to a Singaporean billionaire, per the Daily Mail — over the years he’s proven to be an able, hardworking, and hugely successful businessman. “[I] started investing at the age of 17. I took out a small loan from my father and paid it back in two months, and by the age of 18-19 I had made about seven figures. I invested in fashion and with the money I invested it in stocks,” Kane said in an interview with VoyageLA.

Kane also told the outlet that unlike many other wealthy children in Singapore, his father – who, according to the Daily Mail, made his fortune in oil, shipping, petrol and real estate didn’t treat him to luxuries like private chauffeurs to drive him to school. so what is his story?

Kane Lim was an influencer before Bling Empire

Though he could probably retire tomorrow and live comfortably for the next 100 years, Kane Lim hasn’t stopped working. In fact, according to his Instagram bio, he’s busier than most and describes himself as a real estate developer, investor and philanthropist, as well as a new reality TV star.

Kane is the founder and president of Kix Capital, “an international holding company with a portfolio of investments in real estate, biomedical and renewable energy,” according to his real estate company Padme’s official website. The short bio also notes that Kane is a “luxury tastemaker” who made his mark as an influencer on Instagram long before his Netflix fame and counts none other than Rihanna among his followers (NBD).

The entrepreneur clearly has a passion for fashion, and his highly ambitious Instagram features a staggering collection from Cartier, Piaget and Louis Vuitton, as well as a shoe collection that’s reportedly worth more than $365,000, according to the Daily Mail.

Despite the impressive hustle and expensive taste, Kane seems to have a pretty laid-back attitude when it comes to drama. In the show’s official trailer, he offers some sage advice: “Just go shopping.”

Could Kane Lim appear on Selling Sunset?

Fans of Kane Lim on Bling Empire may already know that the young entrepreneur is also linked to another Netflix reality series, Selling Sunset. Lim is currently listed as a “Realtor Associate” on the Oppenheim Group website, the real estate agency featured on this show. According to his Oppenheim bio: “An experienced real estate developer and broker, Kane has most recently developed and sold three properties in the upscale Venice Beach neighborhood of Los Angeles. Recently he has turned his attention to residential projects and commercial real estate in Asia. “

While it doesn’t look like Lim will be switching shows anytime soon, a crossover is definitely not off the table. “Chrishell and I worked together so we’ll see,” Lim told E! News in the interview. “I love real estate, but being on ‘Bling Empire’ is so much fun I don’t know if I could go [it]. It’s something we all started together and it’s been such an amazing relationship,” the reality star said, adding, “But if I have to jump to ‘Selling Sunset’ why not. I would like that.”

Kane Lim’s family could be involved in a legal battle

While unlimited funds, a fulfilling career, and starring in a popular reality show might sound like the perfect life, Kane Lim has also been through some troubles. On the show, Lim has referred to some lawsuits related to his family in Singapore, and it sounds like they could be serious. According to Bloomberg, HSBC bank has sued a Singapore oil tycoon – who may be Lim’s uncle – for $85.3 million, alleging the tycoon forged documents to obtain loans from HSBC. These claims have been denied.

Luckily, Lim’s immediate family isn’t directly involved in the lawsuits, according to The Tab. Apparently, Lim’s parents left this particular family business many years ago. It’s not the kind of family drama most non-millionaires can relate to, but we have to assume it must be painful for the California family. “It’s tough because I’m sad about what happened,” Lim said on the show (via The Tab). “I can not help it. I do not want to talk about it anymore. I just want to close the chapter and leave it alone.”