Who inherited Mac Miller’s money after his death?

Malcolm “Mac Miller” McCormick started rapping at 14, topped the Billboard 200 with an independently released album before he was 20, and became a millionaire before he could afford a drink. The “Self Care” singer’s rise to fame hasn’t been unusual in an industry that nurtures its talents young. But unlike his contemporaries, Miller, with his positive vibes and clever puns, commanded an exceptionally loyal following. Over the course of his five albums, the Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania-born rapper embarked on a path of constant musical evolution and artistic reinvention that has transformed him into a one-man hip-hop powerhouse.

Yes, there was good music — lots of it — but Miller also struggled with mental health and addiction, something he referenced frequently in his music. “A drug addiction like Philip Hoffman will probably put me in a coffin,” he purred on his 2014 track What Do You Do. Miller tragically died of an accidental drug overdose in 2018 at just 26 years old, and the hip-hop community joined in mourning the loss of another young rapper caught before their time.

According to The Sun, Miller was believed to be worth millions of dollars at the time of his death. Surprisingly, the rapper left a will that spelled out exactly how he wanted his estate to be divided up.

Mac Miller left behind millions of dollars and property

Mac Miller has made more over the course of his career than you might think, and he’s certainly fared better than some of these famous musicians. The “Blue World” singer earned enough to be one of the top 10 highest-earning rappers in the world for three straight years, from 2012 to 2014. Miller reportedly made $20 million during his career but at the time of his death, his net worth was around $11 million, according to TMZ.

At the time of his death, Miller had a little less than half his wealth in checking, savings, and money market accounts totaling $4.48 million, including more than $32,000 in Facebook stock. Aside from his cash, the “Kool Aid & Frozen Pizza” rapper left behind “tens of thousands of dollars worth of jewelry,” dozens of musical instruments and equipment, and valuable electronics that he used to produce music for himself and others.

He left most of his money to his family

Even though Mac Miller died at such a young age, he had his financial legacy planned. The rapper set up a trust in 2013 while also executing a will, naming his parents as trustees, according to a court probate obtained by The Blast. The rapper left the lion’s share of his money to his family as he was unmarried and had no children. According to TMZ, his family received the nearly $5 million he had hidden in various accounts, while his belongings and other belongings went to his friends.

Miller left all of his musical instruments and equipment — including a $5,000 guitar — to friend and fellow musician Dylan Rectenwald. His trust left a special order to give another of his friends, Bryan Johnson, his clothes and electronics, specifically his laptop, TV and iPads. A third friend, Q Chandler-Cuff, received more than 20 pieces of jewelry valued at “tens of thousands of dollars.”