What Jason Beghe did before Chicago PD

When many of us are shown an image of Jason Beghe, the first thing that comes to mind is the character of Hank Voight. And just like his Chicago PD co-stars, he has a host of other acting credits to his name.

Beghe first joined the One Chicago franchise in Season 1 Episode 3 of Chicago Fire. In his first appearance, his character Voight attempted to coerce firefighter Matt Casey (played by Jesse Spencer) into retracting a statement that would get his son in trouble with the law. That made him the franchise’s resident “dirty cop” — a role he’s held since 2012, even as the brand expanded. Given how long Beghe has been portraying Voight, it’s understandable that he’s very close to the fictional detective. At an NBC press day for “One Chicago” in 2017, the actor opened up about that bond (via TheWrap). “I have a relationship with [Voight]. And it’s a very close relationship,” he shared, adding that he’s “always with me, even between seasons.”

However, Voight is just one of many characters that Beghe has portrayed over the years. In fact, his resume is pretty impressive — one of his previous gigs even garnered a ton of fan mail.

Jason Beghe has a ton of acting credits

TV Series Finale reported that Season 9 of “Chicago PD” had an average viewership of no less than 5.829 million viewers. So it only makes sense that many would associate Jason Beghe with the show. However, in an interview with Bobbie Wygant in the ’90s, he revealed that he had received an influx of fan mail after appearing in another series. “I probably get more fan mail from ‘Melrose Place’ than anything else,” he chuckled. Beghe played Jeffrey Lindley on the CBS show, a love interest on Doug Savant’s character Matt Fielding.

At the time of the interview with Bobbie Wygant, Beghe was on a press tour for another role. This time he played Demi Moore’s love interest on GI Jane – a character considered by Wygant himself to be “a central part of the whole story”. While the film received mixed reviews overall, Reelviews critic James Berardinelli described Beghe’s performance as “solid”.

Additionally, some may remember Beghe from his role as Peter McCallister in 2002’s “Home Alone 4.” However, there’s a chance Beghe fans are hoping Not remember that particular role. The film received poor reviews from the Rotten Tomatoes community, weighing only two critics, both of whom gave the film a single star.

He has had a steady supply of acting jobs over the years

While Jason Beghe would rather forget Home Alone 4, there’s no denying that it’s helped keep the actor on the road to gigs over the years.

In addition to speaking about “GI Jane” with Bobbie Wygant, Beghe has been candid about his near-constant flow of work since he got into the business. “I started working basically within a month — and I’ve been working ever since,” he beamed. That makes the fact that acting wasn’t even his first career choice all the more impressive. In fact, before he started, he was in a completely different industry. “I had done some other things and had a pretty successful career and I just moved on for whatever reason,” he explained. “And I thought, ‘What should I do?’ I said, ‘Ah, I’m going to be an actor! I think I can.'”

Shortly after his interview with Wygant, Beghe was in a serious car accident, which he told The Daily Beast ultimately contributed to his characteristic raspy voice. “When I came out of the coma, since I was on life support, I took that off [intubation] Hose out,” he shared, damaging his voice in the process. But even after that ordeal, he continued to fill a variety of roles.