What Danni Baird has been up to since he left Southern Charm

The motto of “Southern Charm?” Everything is bigger in the south – including the drama! Whether it’s relationships, new castmates joining, or OG castmates leaving, there’s no shortage of drama in Southern Charm. And for cast members who received the boot off the show, not only did fans say “thank goodness” to former stars, but they wondered what their plans are now.

And for fans of Danni Baird on Southern Charm, that couldn’t be truer, as the former Bravo star has become quite the star on social media following her exit from the show. While Baird was a fan favorite for many, she was never a full cast member on Southern Charm. Instead, she joined the show as the “friend of” from seasons 1 through 7. But while Baird was slated to be “girlfriend of,” that didn’t stop her from engaging in all the drama. Whether it was standing up for her best friend Kathryn Dennis or stirring up the pot with her ex-boyfriend Gentry Thomas and the castmates slipping into his DMs, Baird was more than willing to throw one in the name of drama for the team to take .

But after season seven, Baird seems to have had enough and is slowly leaving the show and social media. Though Baird was never a full cast member, Baird’s absence was felt by many fans early in Season 8 — and they’re left wondering what her favorite member is up to when she’s not using her “charm” on TV?

Danni Baird concentrates full time on her work as an artist

After seven seasons on Bravo’s Southern Charm, Danni Baird has retired from the spotlight to focus fully on her career as an artist.

When Baird first became a regular on Southern Charm, it was obvious that art was a big part of her life and one of the reasons she never became a full-time actress. Speaking to Bravo’s The Daily Dish, Baird said she’s always been focused on herself and her artwork, rather than focusing on starring in the show. “Unfortunately, you can’t rush it with artwork,” she said. “Yeah, I was just really focused on myself.”

Her artwork, dubbed DB Designs, features paintings of nature, animals and architecture – seemingly anything that inspires Baird and makes her happy. Speaking to the Art Mecca of Charleston website, a gallery where Baird’s pieces were for sale, Baird explained that art is her “passion” and her “sincere focus” that allows her to get away from it all — and now even her place in Southern Charm. “Art has always played a significant role in my life, but now it’s front and center,” she said of Bravo. “Every piece I create is an extension of me and very personal.” And while “Southern Charm” fans continue to happily support Baird in her new chapter, fans are wondering if her former castmates offer her the same support.

Are the Southern Charm cast members supporting Danni Baird’s new career?

Following Danni Baird’s exit from Southern Charm, the artist seems to have started a new chapter in her life – one that focuses only on her art, friends and family and no longer on the drama.

But “Southern Charm” fans have no fear. While Baird no longer documents every moment of her life on TV or social media, she still appears to be friends with her “Southern Charm” cast members — most notably her best friend Kathryn Dennis. Speaking to Bravo, Dennis explained that despite Baird’s departure from the show, the two are still good friends after Dennis and Baird’s relationship faltered in Season 7. “Danni and I have since come out and talked things through and fixed our friendship,” Dennis said per bravo. “Danni and I are really real friends — real friends, close friends, so I’m glad we worked things out and I knew we would.”

And while fans will miss seeing their favorite friend on Southern Charm this season, leaving the show seems to have been for the best for Baird. “The world can be a dark and cruel place these days[s]. I would rather direct my energy towards hope than the certainty of anything or anyone else,” Baird told the gallery, Art Mecca of Charleston, via Distractify surrounds me.”