Urban Meyer’s Off The Field Behavior Confirms What We Suspected All Along

And it was that simple. The NFL career of Urban Meyer was over as fast as it had begun. Meyer was a well-liked college coach who, according to NFL.com, won three national titles while at Florida and Ohio State. Meyer stepped out of retirement this year to take the helm of the Jacksonville Jaguars, but sadly, his prior success did not carry over to the NFL. NFL.com reports that Meyer only managed to record two victories while suffering 11 defeats. Their sources claim that even before Meyer was hired, there were concerns about whether his attitude would fit in the professional league.

Meyer’s time in Jacksonville has been drenched in controversy, both in public and behind closed doors. Shad Khan, the owner of the Jaguars, felt it was too much on December 11 and fired Meyer before the completion of his rookie year. The notion that an instant change is necessary for everyone leaves me terribly dissatisfied, said Khan.

What then eventually caused Meyer’s premature departure?

It all started with a video of a lap dance

When an offensive video of Urban Meyer appeared online in October, it caused his first significant public issue. Meyer seems to have a lap dance from a considerably younger woman in the video. Meyer apologized for his behavior during a press conference. According to The Florida Times-Union, he replied, “I owned it. It’s ridiculous. Meyer said, “I should not have had myself in that sort of situation,” and he expressed regret to his coworkers for “becoming a distraction.”

Meyer said that he had expressed regret to his family. He defended his chaotic behavior by saying, “That’s not me. Oh, they’re unhappy, I see. Fortunately for Meyer, his family appeared to be ready to pardon him. Apparently alluding to her husband’s night out, his wife Shelley posted a picture of herself watching her child with the message, “Buddy Deserved a Night Out.” But soon after, according to the New York Post, Shelley canceled her Twitter account. Before deactivating her account, she said, “Frankly, I don’t need the hate, anger, slander, and trash that will @ me.” “Cast the first stone if you don’t believe you’re a sinner; we all make errors.”

Shad Khan, the owner of the Jaguars, was regrettably less understanding. Khan criticized Meyer’s actions, according to NFL.com “In addition, “Now he must earn back our confidence and respect,” was added. I have faith that he will provide.”

But the controversies kept coming

However, the controversy around Urban Meyer wasn’t resolved by the video. Josh Lambo, a Jaguars kicker, said that Meyer allegedly booted him during a practice and screamed, “Hello, Dipshit! Make your kicks, f***ing!” The kick, according to Lambo, “wasn’t as hard as he could have done it,” but “it definitely wasn’t a love tap.” Don’t you ever f***ing kick me again, Lambo said he yelled at his coach. Meyer allegedly responded, “I’m the head ball coach, I’ll kick you anytime the f**k I want,” in response.

Although Meyer refuted Lambo’s testimony, it was consistent with a number of other claims that Meyer had a bad temper. On December 11, NFL.com created a list of Meyer’s most recent infractions, all of which they said had happened during the previous two weeks. Meyer allegedly asked each of them to defend their records and résumés after saying that he is a “winner” and they are all “losers” in front of them during a meeting. Marvin Jones, a receiver, allegedly grew so enraged by Meyer’s comments that he left practice and only returned after being cajoled by other players.

Shad Khan, owner of the Jaguars, couldn’t handle the negative headlines. According to NFL.com, he added in a statement, “I am extremely sorry to come to the conclusion that an immediate change is needed for everyone.” “It was crucial to recover our respect and trust, as I said in October. Sadly, that didn’t take place.”