Tristan Thompson’s romantic outing with the mystery woman isn’t eliciting the reactions you’d expect

Khloé Kardashian and Tristan Thompson’s baby news sent Twitter reeling after Page Six reported they were expecting their second baby together via surrogate. The outlet dropped the baby bombshell on July 14, reporting that their second child was planned before Kardashian and Thompson finally split in 2021 — and well before Maralee Nichols revealed that her affair with Thompson resulted in the birth of their baby boy. An inside source told Page Six, “The baby was conceived via surrogate before it became known to Khloé and the public that Tristan had a baby with someone else in December.” Another source said, “Khloé always wanted a baby brother for True and has decided to have the baby with the support of her family.”

The NBA player tweeted in Another Tailspin on July 18, after TMZ reported that Thompson was in Mykonos, Greece, and was seen holding hands with a mystery woman in the early hours of the morning. A Twitter user commented, “Tristan Thompson is deservedly one of the most enduring men on planet earth. This man isn’t going to change for nothing lol.” Another non-fan of Thompson tweeted“If you are a woman on this earth to give Tristan Thompson the time of day, you should be ashamed.”

But Thompson’s romantic outing isn’t eliciting the reaction you’d expect from everyone.

Fans defend Tristan Thompson

After TMZ reported on Tristan Thompson’s Greek getaway just days after it was revealed that he and Khloé Kardashian were expecting their second baby via surrogate, the NBA star received a Twitter tsunami of negative comments about his trip, but he had his fair share Defender.

A Thompson defense attorney tweeted, “Tristan Thompson is a single man. Leave him alone.” Another fan defended Thompson through tweet, “Tristan Thompson is single and openly co-parenting with Khloe Kardashian. Even though he was a man throughout their relationship, I have to say that today he is truly innocent.” Some tough love came from a defense attorney who tweeted, “You all know that Tristan Thompson is single, right? If he was with other women while he was in a relationship, what do you expect him to do when he’s single?” Another Realist fan tweeted“One thing about Tristan Thompson, he doesn’t cheat behind your back. He cheats in front of your face.”

Some of the tweetati threw shade at Kardashian for deciding to have a second baby with the NBA player. A fan tweeted“You all always think that Tristan Thompson is the odd one out in this situation, but it’s definitely Khloe.” Another fan had a truth bomb for Kardashian and tweeted“Chilllllllle you can’t even hate him… Because the guy keeps showing who he really is and the only person who refuses to see it is #KhloeKardashian.” Ouch.