The unsurprising way the moms of Nick Cannon’s kids really feel about each other

TV presenter Nick Cannon is known for having numerous children with numerous women over a period of around 11 years. According to Page Six, the comedian had twins with singer Mariah Carey, two children with model Brittany Bell, twins with DJ Abby De La Rosa, one child – who sadly died of a brain tumor at five months old – with model Alyssa Scott and one child with Bre Tiesi. The former America’s Got Talent host said he’s always there for his little ones.

“It’s not as difficult as people think, but I get it [their concern] because it’s a very unorthodox scenario,” Cannon told ET. “I probably dedicate my whole day to my kids.” He mentioned that he feels fortunate to be able to spend time with them since his job allows him to visit them often.

On August 25, the rapper shocked the world by announcing that he is expecting his 10th baby. In a post on Instagram, he revealed photoshoot footage and tagged mother Brittany Bell, who already shares two children with him. “Time stopped and this happened…” he captioned the post. But between the five mothers and the soon to be 10 babies, the world is wondering: do they all get along?

There is no bad blood

Abby De La Rosa poked fun at Nick Cannon’s latest baby announcement. She reposted an Instagram role in her story (via Page Six), which took a comedic hit at the number of children the TV host has. The DJ – who’s pregnant again but father is yet to be named – reacted to the role by saying, “Gen ‘C’ takes babyyyy,” showing people she doesn’t really care that she’s one of five mothers is. The other women seem to have the same attitude.

“For the most part, the mothers of Nick Cannon’s children are warm and respectful to one another,” an insider told ET. “They mostly stick to their own families and what affects them directly.” The source added that the women have all remained friends with the rapper and that he always tries to spend time with each and every child so that they have their dad’s support as well.

Bre Tiesi agrees Cannon does an exceptional job of being there when the kids or the mothers need him. The new “Selling Sunset” performer posted an 11-minute video on YouTube showing her journey through her drug-free home birth. Throughout the video, the comedian assists Tiesi with the birth. She thanked him at the end, saying he “showed that shit for us.”