The unexpected way Kim Kardashian just took down Hillary Clinton

When you think of Kim Kardashian, you might not think of former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. Aside from a selfie in 2015, their names barely made headlines until 2016’s intense presidential election between Clinton and Donald Trump. As the world waited with bated breath to see who would succeed President Barack Obama, pop culture enthusiasts were looking to celebrities to see who they would vote for on Election Day.

While many industry figures in Hollywood shared that they would be voting for Clinton at the time, Kardashian made waves after telling HuffPost (via Politico) that she was “on the fence” after speaking to Caitlyn Jenner about the election would have. Shortly after testifying, however, the SKIMS creator finally announced her support for the former first lady on her website (via Vanity Fair), writing, “I’ve found that I stand by Hillary without a doubt. I’m with her.”

Since it’s been more than five years since the aforementioned election debacle, Kardashian and Clinton have rarely shared the same headline, let alone another selfie…until now.

Kim beats Hillary in a law quiz

Six years after Kim Kardashian took a selfie with former presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, the two are now reunited in the most unexpected way. On Aug. 24, Clinton and her daughter Chelsea released the first preview of their Apple TV+ documentary, Gutsy. The upcoming project follows the two as they travel the world to meet the “boldest and bravest women,” according to the Apple TV+ logline. In the teaser trailer, Clinton takes on The Kardashians star in a legal quiz – which the latter won. “I think Kim has an unfair advantage. Kim studied younger than you,” Chelsea is heard saying.

Kardashian’s victory may not surprise some, as the reality star was Studies to become a lawyer since 2019. Most recently, she passed the “Babybar” at the end of 2021, having previously failed three times. Ahead of the Sept. 9 “Gusty” premiere, the Clintons praised Kardashian’s legal journey in an interview with People. “She worked so hard (at the bar) and persevered,” the former foreign minister told the news outlet. Chelsea added: “She’s very aware that her fame can make a positive difference and where it can make a negative difference… so to be reasonable and thoughtful about when and where and how she gets involved has been really impressive for us .”

As for Kardashian’s upcoming legal journey, the fashion businesswoman told Vogue Hong Kong in April that she hopes to start a law practice.