The Truth About 90 Day Fiance Star Chuck Potthast’s Criminal Record

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One of the three Potthast children that have appeared in the franchise, along with her sisters Becky and Jenn, is Libby. Of course, no one will soon forget Charlie. According to Screen Rant, Libby is viewed as conceited and entitled, while her sisters are derided as ungrateful, drama-loving irritants who contribute too little, too late to the program. Let’s also not even begin to discuss all the drama Charlie and Andrei have produced for the show. There’s also no assurance that the Potthast family won’t appear in any next episodes of the “90 Day Fiance” franchise, despite Screen Rant‘s assertion that most fans don’t want to see them. This is especially true considering how much they like stirring up controversy.

Chuck Potthast lives for the drama

When a police officer knocks on your door, it’s typically a negative sign since it frequently indicates that someone will be arrested. Chuck Potthast, the star of “90 Day Fiance,” was accused of contempt of court, which almost lost him his freedom. Distractify asserts that Chuck was charged more than ten years ago as a result of $17,564 in unpaid child support payments. But according to In Touch, Chuck was really detained over the matter in March 2009; even though he was released on bail following his detention, a court nonetheless ordered him to pay the debt.

The CEO of Chuck’s firm, CDC Capital Investments LLC, has reportedly not faced any legal action, but many former tenants are quite dissatisfied with the way the CEO runs his properties and conducts business. The firm maintains rental homes, and the Better Business Bureau claims that its customers aren’t satisfied.

One former renter of Chuck’s, whose BBB rating is B-, stated the following about the business in a Yelp review: “Watch out for these thieves! When you’re ready to get your deposit, Chuck will inform you that you have all these late fines even though Daniel will tell you that it’s alright to pay your rent late. They perform a back-and-forth fraud, and you are taken advantage of. During the two coldest weeks in Tallahassee in January, my daughter went without heat for a period of two weeks. These two Pennywise clowns resemble Walt Disney more than slum lords.”

Chuck Potthast isn’t the only one with a criminal past

Chuck’s criminal history is undoubtedly not good, but he is not the only Potthast to run into legal issues. Starcasm claims that his kids frequently struggle to maintain their licenses. According to the web source, Libby’s elder brother Charles, sisters Becky and Jenn, and sisters Becky and Jenn have all been detained for driving while their licenses have been suspended, revoked, or cancelled in the early 2000s. Charles has also been detained for possession of cocaine.

Additionally, according to Starcasm, brother Daniel, who reportedly isn’t associated with the “90 Day Fiance” series, was detained in 2004 on suspicion of possessing less than 20 ounces of marijuana and drug paraphernalia. While Florida currently allows the use of medical marijuana, transporting the drug was a surefire way to get arrested in 2004 for anybody with a badge.

The Potthast family has drama in abundance even when the cameras aren’t rolling, as everyone who watches “90 Day Fiance” or any of the spin-offs knows. For Libby and Andrei’s sake, let’s hope they see their error and at the very least leave the Potthast family company before it’s too late.