The Tamra Judge confirms what we suspected about her future at RHOC

Tamra Judge has finally given an update on whether or not she’s returning to The Real Housewives of Orange County.

The reality star was the longest-running full-time cast member in Housewives history prior to her departure from RHOC, but she left the show in 2020 after reportedly being “demoted” and offering less money. While asked to return for a few episodes to complete her storyline, Judge declined and announced her official exit. “It’s been a wild ride and after all these years I’m looking forward to life away from the cameras,” Judge told People at the time. “I was offered the chance to return to the show in a limited role, but I would prefer to walk away on my own terms.”

Weeks later, she revealed her ex-husband Simon Barney’s cancer diagnosis had contributed to her decision. “I wanted to say I wasn’t coming back at the reunion. I had only found out about Simon days before the reunion. I was a mess,” she told Radio Andy’s Jeff Lewis Live in February 2020. Speaking to People, she also said that the situation “made me reevaluate my life.” A fan favorite, viewers had always hoped she would eventually return, but she broke everyone’s heart when she said on Instagram that it “isn’t happening”. But now it seems Judge has had a change of heart as she is reportedly making a big comeback.

Tamra Judge will return to RHOC

Tamra Judge is preparing to return to The Real Housewives of Orange County. Taking to Twitter, she surprised everyone by announcing that she’s officially back. “The judge is back and Drama is in session. #RHOC #Season17”, she wrote.

In true Judge fashion, she came by too “See what’s happening live” where she grabbed a prop orange to indicate her return. She hasn’t revealed any further details about her comeback, but fans took to Twitter to share their excitement. “You’re all the juice they need!” a fan said. “Congratulations Babydoll. You deserve it. tweeted another to which Judge answered“Thank you King! The b**** is back and you know I won’t let you down.”

Judge knows a lot of fans root for her, and according to the star herself, it’s because she tells it like it is. “I would say it’s my personality. I have truth serum running through my veins and I think in my character I’m just saying it like it is,” she told The Wrap. “And I don’t really think too much about, ‘Oh, I want to protect my image. I don’t want people to think of me like that.’”