The sad reason Maya Hawke was kicked out of school as a kid

Maya Hawke had her heart set on an acting career from a young age. Maya’s parents are Uma Thurman and Ethan Hawke, of course, so theatricality and good looks are in her genes. Still, her parents were hesitant about their daughter following in their footsteps. Eventually, though, they decided that if Maya really wanted a life in front of the camera, she wouldn’t get it because of nepotism — she’d get there on her own.

“They wanted to make sure I had a strong enough backbone, my own passion for it and my work ethic,” Maya told The Guardian. “They didn’t want to cart me down every red carpet or let me do small parts in their movies.” It didn’t take long for her to prove herself, though. Per IMDb, Maya made her acting debut at 19 in the period classic Little Women. But the breakthrough role that made her a star was playing Robin Buckley in the cheesy 1980s Netflix hit Stranger Things. Maya joined the cast in Season 3 and hasn’t looked back since.

You’d think things would have been smooth sailing for Maya thanks to her A-lister pedigree. Despite hitting the genetic jackpot, Maya still had to face her share of struggles and adversities along the way. Her school results were far from excellent and she had to drop out of school. It wasn’t bad behavior on the part of a Hollywood brat, though. There was a sad reason why Maya Hawke was kicked out of school as a kid.

Maya Hawke refuses to let past struggles affect her future

Maya Hawke’s famous people were determined that her daughter find her own path in life. She was fortunate to inherit her mother’s looks, Uma Thurman (her father, Ethan Hawke, is also quite easy on the eyes). So, like her mother, Maya became a model to support herself while building her acting career. She made it straight out of the stadium booking Vogue as one of her first gigs.

When Maya found out that one of her mother’s first modeling jobs was also for the legendary fashion magazine, she was both proud and humbled. “I’m not denying the fact that without her I wouldn’t be here today,” Maya told Vogue. “I thought a lot about how to handle that and one option was not to take an opportunity unless I was absolutely sure I deserved it all.”

The actress can rest easy knowing she more than earned her spurs because despite her privileged lineage, she’s had to go the extra mile to get where she is today. Maya’s other passion in life is music, and she’s garnered critical acclaim for it alongside her acting skills. Per Celebrity Net Worth, she’s also managed to build her own impressive net worth. Maya is reportedly worth a whopping $3 million. Her performances are all the more commendable given her history of school fights.

Maya Hawke turned her learning difficulties into positives

The fact that Maya Hawke hails from Hollywood didn’t guarantee her an easy path in life. Maya has dyslexia, which dramatically affected her schooling as a child. She opened up about her reading disorder while promoting her debut album in an interview with NPR. Maya shared that the album’s title, Blush, was inspired by her “feeling enormously embarrassed most of the time.” She said it’s also about using blush makeup to “hide your feelings.”

Maya said her dyslexia caused her to be expelled from the school she attended and sent to another. “I went to a special school for children with learning disabilities. And it took me a long time to learn to read and I’m still limited,” she admitted. However, Maya managed to turn the difficulty into a positive. She explained that having dyslexia helped give her insight into the struggles of others in life, and it made her all the more “determined” to succeed.

“When you grow up with a learning disability, it shoots your confidence and belief in what you can achieve academically; it really hurts him,” she told Vogue. Maya said her family has always been supportive and encouraging and there for her no matter what. “We fight and we talk and we lie and we tell the truth — not usually in that order — and I really enjoy growing with them and fostering that dynamic,” she said.