The reason why Richard Simmons disappeared from the spotlight is becoming clearer

What’s going on with Richard Simmons? This question has been on everyone’s lips for a number of years after the famous fitness guru mysteriously left the spotlight. The star is believed to have been last seen in public in 2014 – and it’s safe to say that since then there have been plenty of rumors floating around about what really happened to him and what he’s up to today. Some of the more dramatic speculation? In 2017, Simmons had to hit back after a National Enquirer report that claimed he hadn’t been seen in public in a number of years for allegedly undergoing surgical procedures to change his gender. He even sued the publication over the allegations, per TMZ, and vehemently denied the allegations.

But that’s not the only time the overflowing Simmons has been forced to hit back at a bold rumor or two. In 2016, Simmons hit back at claims he was kidnapped by his housekeeper after allegations that he had stayed out of the spotlight against his will. “I’m not kidnapped. I’m at my house right now,” he told Entertainment Tonight over the phone.

So now we know the star isn’t undergoing a gender reassignment surgery or being held hostage. What exactly is the reason he’s avoiding the limelight these days? Well, a revealing new documentary has just shed new light on what his life is like today.

Richard Simmons reportedly has ‘physical and emotional issues’

TMZ Investigates: What Really Happened to Richard Simmons delved deep into the life of Richard Simmons today, and we may finally know what’s going on with the fitness guru. According to TMZ editor-in-chief Fabian Garcia, Simmons reportedly “has a birth defect that significantly affected one of his legs.” He added, “He was born without a full set of bones in his foot and that causes physical and emotional problems.” The documentary’s producer, Charles Latibeaudiere, also shed some light on his apparent condition, claiming that Simmons may be feeling insecure , after gaining a significant amount of weight after years of impeccable health, which may have affected his knees as well.

The latest revelations came after Simmons spoke out about his disappearance in 2016. He shared his affection with anyone who was concerned about him, but made it clear that he was fine. “It was about time I took my time to be alone. For the last 40 years I’ve travelled, taught classes and had a knee injury so I had a prosthetic knee which was very difficult for me,” he told Entertainment Tonight. “I took it really easy, stayed home, worked out at my gym and did the things I haven’t done in a very long time,” he added, noting that he’s still exercising and 150 pounds weighed

Whatever is really going on with this beloved star, we wish him the best.