The real reason Raygan Tyler was fired below decks Med

Below Deck Mediterranean Season 7 saw a major cast change with Raygan Tyler. However, her time with the hugely popular spin-off was rather short-lived.

Originally, Tyler was the newest cast member of Below Deck Med for Season 7, replacing Malia White (the franchise’s first boatwoman), who dropped out at the end of Season 6. Since Tyler’s first episode, she has been a divisive figure for both her Below Deck Med castmates and fans of the show, who failed to appreciate her careless approach to running the ship. A Twitter user wrote“I’m pretty sure I could be a better boatswain than Raygan just for years of watching Below Deck.” Meanwhile, another fan tweeted, “Will Raygan do anything but smoke cigarettes?” Though Tyler made history as the second boatswain, her inability to make a good first impression has left her little support since her reported layoff.

That being said, reality shows thrive on drama and theatrics, and Tyler’s demeanor was rife with it. In fact, the chain of events that threw them off the boat warrants a side eye. Because of this, Tyler was fired from Below Deck Med.

Why Raygan was fired from Below Deck

When Raygan Tyler joined the cast of Below Deck Med season 7, fans were glad that another woman took on the role of Boatswain — the person who essentially rules the sailors and is responsible for keeping the ship running smoothly runs. Unfortunately, it looks like Tyler hasn’t been able to keep up with the demands of the ship’s operations (via Us Weekly). Or maybe she just didn’t care, as she was often filmed laying down her duties, eating and taking cigarette breaks. Whatever Tyler’s deal, chief honcho Captain Sandy Yawn often had to deal with the aftermath of her slacking off. During one episode, Tyler was noticeably absent from ship duties, and when Yawn inquired why, she claimed “food poisoning,” an excuse Yawn saw through (via MEAWW).

Unfortunately, Raygan’s lack of work ethic stretched well beyond her; it also put the crew at risk. “There was a point where you called three meters and I was under two feet,” Yawn said (via Bravo). “And that must not happen, Raygan. It’s dangerous.” Eventually, Yawn let Tyler go. And despite the tough love affair, Yawn shared that she would put more effort into coaching Tyler if she had the time. However, the size and speed of the boat did not allow for such a one-on-one effort. “If I had the time and wasn’t driving a boat that size, I would train you. I would teach you,” Yawn said.

What Kyle Viljoen thinks about Raygan Tyler

The Below Deck franchise has had its fair share of layoffs over the years. And in the case of Raygan Tyler, the love between her and her former castmates doesn’t seem to have been lost. During an appearance on Bravo’s Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen, cast member Kyle Viljoen shared his thoughts about Tyler, and they weren’t kind. During one of Cohen’s signature plays, “Shady Slide,” in which he addresses the opinions of his guests, host asked Viljoen who he thought was the “weakest link” in the cast, to which he replied, “To be honest on stage , I would definitely say Raygan.”

It should be noted that this interview took place before the episode where Captain Sandy lets Yawn Tyler go, so he may have kept this answer short. As of this writing, Raygan Tyler has been going quiet after her “Fire” episode. As Express points out, Viljoen’s comments seem to align with many Below Deck Med fans who don’t think Tyler was qualified to run the yachtso it’s possible that everyone is waiting for the season to mature before making any specific statements about Tyler’s release from Below Deck Med.