The real reason Gabrielle Union and her first husband got divorced

In recent years, Gabrielle Union and Dwyane Wade have become one of Hollywood’s power couples. The two, who met in 2007, often share their adventures online, posting photos of their time together. After tying the knot in 2014, Union and Wade appear to have happily reunited their families. Union became a stepmother to the athlete’s three children from previous relationships and welcomed their first child, Kaavia, in 2018.

The couple celebrated their seventh wedding anniversary in August 2021 and both stars posted loving messages to their other halves online. “Ain’t No Stoppin Us Now. 7 years and a lifetime. My best friend, coolest homie, mentor and inspiration, my love, my husband,” Union wrote. Wade shared a photo of the couple with their kids in Paris and wrote: “To my wife @gabunion happy anniversary baby and thanks for putting up with my shit. I love loving you.”

However, long before Union’s time with the former NBA player, she was married to someone else.

Gabrielle Union says her trust was broken after an affair

Gabrielle Union bared it all and opened up about many things — including her failed marriage to Chris Howard — in her 2017 memoir We’ll Need More Wine. From a fried chicken proposal to her hungover bridal shower, Union wrote that there were “lots of ignored red flags” (via Daily Mail).

However, the Cheaper by the Dozen actor revealed their relationship really broke up over fears Howard was cheating on her. In the book, Union writes of a case where she found a woman’s phone number in Howard’s laundry. She recalled screaming, “You think you’re gonna call that bitch? And while the number was revealed to be for a take-out restaurant, Union and Howard later split following another incident involving an alleged lover named Cameron Camera.

Union previously opened up about the alleged infidelity in her previous marriage in a 2018 interview with VICE Life. During the interview, the entertainer revealed that she found out about a “Greek girl” Howard was dating the day after she got engaged. “I go to his computer … And his boy texts him, ‘Yo, you still got that Greek girl coming this weekend?'” Union recalled. Adding, “I’m a lot of things. Greek isn’t one of them.” whoops

Gabrielle Union hit rock bottom after the divorce

Gabrielle Union opened up about her seemingly rocky marriage to Chris Howard during an appearance on Jada Pinkett Smith’s “Red Table Talk.” When asked by Pinkett about a moment in her life that changed her perspective, Union recalled a time when she “hit rock bottom” after her divorce.

“I had to hit rock bottom, I had to lose everything,” the actor said. “For me, this was my first marriage to go through the divorce process. I lost my show, my show was cancelled. And I’ve had difficult relationships with my BFFs, my daytime boyfriends. And it was everyone’s fault, but my own. “Basically, she was going through a tough time all around.

Union spoke more about her life after the divorce while touring for her book You Got Anything Stronger? (2021). While promoting the book, she tells Chaka Zulu that after her breakup with Howard, she had “a bucket list” of guys she wanted to entertain. Sharing a clip of her conversation with Zulu on TikTok, Union wrote, “‘Buckle up for the F**k Boy Express.’ I said to my 2006 self.” Though she’s been through quite a rollercoaster ride, Union seems to have finally found her happy with Dwyane Wade.