The Emotional Path Ben Affleck reportedly honored Jennifer Lopez’s children in his wedding speech

If there’s two people more openly and outwardly in love than Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck, we’ve yet to see them. So, at the couple’s second wedding (because just one ceremony isn’t enough), Affleck naturally got all sorts of emotional in his speech dedicated to his new wife.

The couple’s first and official wedding in July was famously a surprise escape in Las Vegas with all the normies, as Lopez announced in her newsletter On the JLo. “It ended up being the best possible wedding we could imagine,” Lopez wrote of the ceremony. Whatever the case, the two didn’t want to miss out on the big, splashy event everyone had been expecting from their wedding from the start. Their second wedding took place in Georgia, according to People, and was attended by friends and family, including Matt Damon and Kevin Smith. Only this time, it was Affleck’s turn to get sentimental.

Ben Affleck had an emotional reaction to Jennifer Lopez’s children

Anyone who’s ever seen a movie knows that Ben Affleck knows how to hold a line, and insiders described his August wedding anniversary speech to Jennifer Lopez as “passionate,” according to Us Weekly. Explaining his love for Lopez and their children, Affleck said, “The children are the blessing and the gift that happened because they haven’t been married before and that’s proof that everything happens for a reason,” he said Insider. If Affleck and Lopez hadn’t called off their first engagement almost 20 years ago, they wouldn’t have married other people and had the children they have today.

It’s no secret that Affleck and Lopez have kept their children close throughout their renewed romance. The couple’s five children were not only present at both ceremonies, they even accompanied the bridal couple on their honeymoon in Paris. For the glamorous second ceremony in Georgia, Lopez’s twins Emme and Max carried their new step-siblings Violet, Seraphina and Samuel in matching white outfits, as seen in photos published in Page Six.

These are basically all family goals.