The devastating news Whitney Thore received about her mother

Whitney Way Thore has starred in her hit reality TV series, My Big Fat Fabulous Life, since 2015, and over the course of nine seasons, the show has followed the reality star through defining moments in her life. However, one of the most popular aspects of the program is the relationship between Whitney and her mother, Barbara Thore — who she affectionately calls Babs.

Throughout the series, the reality TV star and her mom have delivered unforgettable moments that effortlessly showcased their close relationship, including hilarious shopping sprees and heartwarming counseling sessions. Whitney’s love for her mother was also seen in numerous tributes on her social media accounts. “How lucky am I to have this woman as my mother and share her with the world?” She wrote about a recent Instagram birthday post for Babs. “She is my greatest treasure and my best friend.”

Unfortunately, as seen in the new My Big Fat Fabulous Life Season 10 trailer, Babs has serious health issues that have left Whitney devastated.

Whitney Thore collapses over Babs’ condition

My Big Fat Fabulous Life returns to TV screens for its 10th season on August 9th. While the season will be filled with adventure, dance and awkward moments, the new trailer – obtained by Nicki Swift – also reveals that Whitney’s mother, Barbara “Babs” Thore, is dealing with some serious medical issues.

“I got a call from dad. He said that my mother had another stroke. My heart just fell out of my body,” says the reality star in a confessional. In an additional scene, Whitney’s brother Hunter Thore shared the heartbreaking moment he found Babs motionless on the couch. “When I first walked in, I thought maybe she had died, I thought,” he recalls. At the end of the trailer, Whitney expresses concern that her mother’s health has deteriorated. “I saw my mother today, and that’s really it,” she says in a final confessional.

Babs’ recent stroke isn’t the first time she’s addressed the serious medical issue. In 2017, the beloved reality star suffered a stroke and seizures, Whitney confirmed via her TLC blog. “This is hands down the most traumatic thing my family has ever experienced,” she wrote. Luckily for the Thore family, Babs was recovering quickly at this point. “She’s doing really well,” Whitney told Life & Style in 2018. As for the future of Babs’ health? This is uncertain.