The Bravo Star fans say Jennifer Lopez should say thank you for her wedding

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck have finally tied the knot, and fans are thanking a Southern Charm star for helping make it happen.

Just months after announcing their engagement, the “On the Floor” singer and the “Justice League” actor announced that they exchanged “yes, I do” in an intimate ceremony. In her exclusive newsletter received by Nicki Swift, Lopez shared with fans what happened over the weekend of July 16th, saying that the couple took a trip to Las Vegas and got married. “Last night we flew into Vegas, queued for a license with four other couples and all made the same trip to the wedding capital of the world,” she wrote.

“We barely made it to the little white wedding chapel at midnight. It mercifully stayed open for a few minutes, letting us take photos in a pink Cadillac convertible that was apparently once used by the king himself (but if we wanted Elvis to show it, that cost extra and he was in bed). Lopez went on to explain how they exchanged vows and rings and that they had the “best possible wedding” of their dreams.

Fans, of course, loved it, considering Bennifer was more than 20 years in development. But amidst all the well wishes, some people are thanking a certain Bravo star for contributing to the epic reunion.

Fans thanked Madison LeCroy for making Bennifer possible

Some fans believe that Madison LeCroy single-handedly destroyed Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez’s relationship, thereby enabling Bennifer’s reconciliation. In February 2021, there were rumors that the professional athlete and “Southern Charm” star was involved in an affair, but at the time, LeCroy clarified that Rodriguez “never physically cheated on his fiancé with me.” She told Page Six that they’ve never met in person and “that’s definitely our fault.” Despite this, Lopez and Rodriguez split a month after these rumors surfaced, and in April 2021, J.Lo and Ben Affleck were spotted together for the first time in years.

When Bennifer announced her wedding, fans couldn’t help but joke about LeCroy. “Do you think JLo and Ben thanked Madison in their vows?” one fan joked. “Thank you Madison LeCroy,” another joked. “Madison absolutely deserves it[s] Invitations to the Bennifer Wedding Party,” one user tweeted. But fans have turned this into an inside joke since Bennifer got back together. “[I]Isn’t it crazy that Southern Charm’s Madison was the catalyst that brought us Bennifer 2.0?” one fan wrote.

Whatever the case, fans are just glad that Lopez and Affleck have found their way back into each other’s arms. They are “two very happy people,” Lopez wrote in her newsletter about their engagement. “Who Has a Second Chance at True Love?” And they did, all right!

Madison LeCroy had a message for J.Lo and A. Rod

While she vehemently denied she had any physical contact with Alex Rodriguez while he was still engaged to Jennifer Lopez, Madison LeCroy still offered the former couple a message when the news broke that they had split.

In April 2021, the “Southern Charm” star shared her best wishes for the pair upon finding out they had officially parted ways. “I wish them the best,” she told Page Six. Around the same time, rumors surfaced that Rodriguez had reached out to LeCroy, but it was immediately debunked by the athlete’s representatives. “I’m not sure who wants to benefit from these rumors and false stories. You are factually incorrect,” his rep Ron Berkowitz told E! News. “Alex is busy concentrating on his business and family.”

Meanwhile, there doesn’t seem to be any hard feelings between Rodriguez and Lopez, as the former continued to have crushes on his former fiancée long after the split. “Here’s what I’m going to tell you about Jennifer, and I told some of my colleagues here the other day, she’s the most talented person I’ve ever been with,” the athlete told the Martha Stewart Podcast in July (via Elle) . 13. “Toughest worker. And I think she’s the greatest performer, live performer in the world today that’s alive.”

Madison LeCroy to Bennifer: “You’re welcome”

In a surprising turn of events, Madison LeCroy welcomed her fans’ humor. Even after being dragged through all the drama, LeCroy managed to shed some light on it all, even joking about celebrating Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck’s reunion.

“I say you’re welcome,” the reality star quipped, per Us Weekly. “I mean, I’ll be honest with you. I had nothing to do with why they broke up, and I think everyone knows that. And if you don’t know that, then that’s just ridiculous, so let’s be honest.” However, she said that she likes all the tea would spill when the time is right – though not that she has anything tasty to share. “I’m excited to share my story,” LeCroy continued. “If I’m asked the questions, yes, I will tell the truth. I’ll say this – the reason I don’t mind is because I’m innocent in that sense.”

Meanwhile, Lopez decided to take a break from all the drama, though she also sends best wishes to her ex. E! News reported that she was the one who initiated the split, with an insider saying the singer is “at peace” with her decision. But she doesn’t have any bad feelings towards Rodriguez. “Jen really wishes Alex well,” an insider close to the star told Us Weekly. “She’s completely exhausted. She doesn’t think about Alex. Their relationship has been full of drama and that’s the last thing she has time for in her life.”