Spencer Pratt reveals what would finally end his feud with Hills creator Adam DiVello

Spencer Pratt just revealed what would make him end his falling out with Adam DiVello, the producer of Selling Sunset. In recent months, Pratt has spoken out against DiVello, revealing his questionable behavior while he was executive producer on The Hills. In February, the reality star shared on TikTok that DiVello had asked his wife, Heidi Montag, to fake pregnancy anxiety on the show. “I think it’s dodgy that some old men asked a young girl to fake that. Adam Divello, the producer, is as creepy as heck,” he wrote.

In June, Pratt made even more serious allegations against DiVello, claiming the producer had attacked Montag in the past. On the Call Her Daddy podcast, he revealed that DiVello made inappropriate comments about Montag’s body and “put his hand on her” during a shoot [an] Butt cheek grip.” Christine Quinn won’t be returning to “Selling Sunset” for similar reasons, revealing she was berated by DiVello. “Complaints have been filed against him,” she said on an episode of Call Her Daddy in May. “He actually told me to fall on the stairs and kill myself sometime.”

These are very serious allegations, but apparently Pratt is willing to forgive DiVello on one condition.

Spencer wants Adam DiVello to cast Heidi for Selling Sunset

While Spencer Pratt admittedly harbors bad feelings toward producer Adam DiVello, he said the only way they might get along again would be if his wife, Heidi Montag, is cast in Selling Sunset. This comes despite the public claims both he and Christine Quinn have made against the producer.

On Heather McDonald’s “Juicy Scoop” podcast, he said he reached out to DiVello and suggested that Montag join the show because they were looking for “a new villain.” He hasn’t heard a response from DiVello’s camp, but he noted that burying the hatchet would be a great way, saying, “I think it would show you how burned bridges can be rebuilt.” McDonald responded : “With dollars?” to which Pratt replied, “It’s Hollywood.” He added: “Heidi could benefit greatly from starring in a Netflix series. So yeah, I mean, I think it’s going to happen.”

It’s ironic that Pratt would want his wife to work with someone he claims has assaulted her in the past, but urging Montag to join the cast might be what her family needs. After all, Montag only started looking into real estate because she didn’t want to rely solely on TV projects. “We need another income,” she admitted on The Perez Hilton Podcast in May. “I don’t want to wait for TV money. We spent way too much of our money.”