Selling Sunset’s Maya Vander Reveals Heartbreaking Pregnancy Update

Another kid was on the way, which was one of the plot twists in season four of the popular Netflix series “Selling Sunset.” Due to Maya Vander’s July Instagram announcement, fans may already be aware of her third pregnancy. Maya posted a picture of her and her husband with the Miami skyline as their backdrop, saying, “Here we go again…baby number 3 will be our Christmas/Chanukah present.” At the Oppenheim Group, Maya notified her coworkers about a program episode. They were all thrilled to learn that she and Dave Vander were expanding their family. Elle and Aiden, their children, were born to the couple.

For many years, Maya has been living a dual-coastal lifestyle, working in Los Angeles and raising her family in Miami. Maya’s co-stars’ relationships have been discussed on the program, but Maya’s spouse hasn’t been on it. “Unfortunately, his work prevents him from participating in the program.” He works in finance, so naturally the setting is different. “To Distractify,” Maya remarked, “He doesn’t feel comfortable in Hollywood being on a reality program, but he is really supportive, “To Distractify, Maya remarked.

And although Maya appeared to be enjoying her pregnancy with her third kid, she recently revealed some heartbreaking news on Instagram.

Maya Vander suffered a pregnancy loss at 38 weeks.

Maya Vander went to the doctor on December 9 for what she assumed would be a normal appointment. It is impossible to imagine what might occur next. “The most difficult day of my life was yesterday.” At 38 weeks, I experienced a stillbirth. Although I had heard about it before, I had never anticipated becoming one of the statistics. I get to return home with a memory box rather than a newborn child. I don’t want anyone to experience this. “What was supposed to be a routine checkup every week turned into a nightmare for me,” Maya added a caption to an Instagram image of some baby supplies. Maya claimed that she decided to tell her followers the good news since she didn’t want to be asked “when is your due date?” by her viewers. Maya further revealed that she and her husband, Dave, named their kid Mason.

The phrase “stillbirth” refers to the loss or death of a baby before or during delivery, according to the CDC. Various risk factors are thought to be connected to stillbirths, but some are just “unexplained.” According to the CDC, an autopsy can frequently provide information on what might have contributed to the stillbirth.