Over 25% of fans think this is the worst husband in real housewife history

With a reality show like everyone in The Real Housewives franchise, you’re bound to see a lot of drama. Naturally! That’s why the fans tune in. While everything on the show is real, at least to a large extent, some situations are… touched up, if you will, courtesy of the producers, to get the best, most dramatic story they can. “This [situations] are not accidents,” said former RHONY housewife Alex McCord. “It’s never unintentional.” Some situations reportedly require reshoots, Women’s Health noted, although producers generally try to avoid them whenever possible, Business Insider said. In any case, the drama is screened in full, and the cast agree to capture everything in their lives on tape. So naturally fans form opinions about which wives or husbands they like, who they cheer for and who they don’t like. .. or love to hate.

While the husbands are primarily on the show to support their wives and to complete the stories of their personal lives, fans also form opinions about them. At Nicki Swift, we’ve already talked about our favorite real husbands, the ones we love to see on screen, and which real husbands are a little sketchy. But we also wanted to hear from you, the fans.

Nicki Swift conducted a poll of 574 Real Housewives fans and asked them which husband they considered to be the worst in franchise history. The answer might not surprise you if you were paying attention…

A real house husband from New York accepted the award

One easy way for men to be supportive (and that’s a low bar) is to be faithful, so it’s perhaps not surprising that the top two spots in our poll for worst “real housewife” husband went to men who were known to have cheated on their wives – and with significantly younger mistresses.

The top spot went to Mario Singer, husband of “RHONY” star Ramona Singer, with 25.44%. In 2014, she caught him with his mistress Kasey Dexter – 28 years his junior – at their home in the Hamptons, according to the Daily Mail, and their 22-year marriage ended in divorce a year later. Unsurprisingly, the controversial May-December romance blew up in 2017, according to Page Six. Despite all the acrimony, Ramona has spent part of the coronavirus lockdown with Mario and their daughter Avery and the two remain on good terms.

In second place, with 22.82%, was another unfaithful husband, Kelsey Grammer. The A-list actor admitted to dumping his wife Camille Grammer-Meyer with a flight attendant 25 years his junior, Katye Walsh, whom he married two weeks after their divorce was finalized. Kelsey and Camille’s relationship was controversial from the start, with Kelsey telling Piers Morgan, “Camille really asked for a divorce almost on the first day of our wedding.” He also said, “I think she married me because I was Frasier .” Rounding out our poll was David Beador at 18.47%, who admitted to cheating on his ex-wife Shannon Beador, while infidelity rumors denounced the marriages of Jim Edmonds (17.42%) and Michael Darby (15.85%). clouded with Meghan King and Ashley Darby , respectively.