Nicole Brown Simpson’s Sister Has Something To Say About O.J.’s Parole

Tanya Brown, Nicole Brown, Simpson’s sister is not in the least bit pleased that O.J. Simpson is now a free man. According to AP News, the former NFL player has received an early release from parole owing to good behavior. After breaking into a hotel room in Las Vegas with five other men and stealing sports memorabilia that he claimed belonged to him, Simpson was found guilty of robbery in 2008.

Simpson was finally freed in 2017 after serving his 33-year prison term with the possibility of parole. Tanya said to People at the time of his 2017 release, “I don’t care.” To me, it makes no difference. She continued, probably alluding to the historic “Trial of the Century,” “It is what it is.” In 1995, Nicole Simpson and Nicole’s lover, Ron Goldman, were killed, and Simpson was famously exonerated of all charges.

Tanya continues to hold the view that Simpson is to blame for her sibling’s demise. She referred to him as “delusional” when she learned of his most recent remarks about avoiding going to Los Angeles because he “may be seated next to whomever did it.” “One simply needs to look back at the DNA evidence from the killings, which indicates the only blood at the crime scene belonged to Nicole, Ron, and O.J.” she said to TMZ.

Tanya has more to say now that Simpson is unhindered by any restrictions.

Tanya Brown doesn’t think O.J. Simpson deserves a second chance in Hollywood.

sentence.””YouTanya Brown doesn’t think O.J. Simpson has earned his freedom, even if he was let out of prison early for good conduct. Despite what the former football star and actor declared during his hearing for parole, “I have served my sentence. You know, I think I handled it as well and politely as anyone could,” NPR reports. Tanya believes Simpson hasn’t demonstrated any regret or a change in character.

Although she believes it’s extremely possible that he will stage some type of return, Nicole Brown Simpson’s sister told TMZ that he doesn’t deserve a second shot in Hollywood. She expressed her hope that, in the event that he does, Tinseltown will “continue to reject him” in the same manner that they did all those years ago. She is cautious, though, as she believes Los Angeles has a “poor reputation when it comes to recognizing women.”

Simpson stated he had no concerns about his current circumstances, but he hasn’t yet indicated that he would like to return to Hollywood. He remarked to The Athletic, “How many Americans, even now, wouldn’t prefer to live my life?” I am unemployed. Four or five days a week, I go golfing. My buddies and I eat out a few times a week. I get requests for alcohol purchases. I frequently pose for photographs with folks. Women embrace me. I have real friends… I currently have a fantastic life. “