Julianne Moore Reveals The Real Reason Her Eyebrows Are Completely Gone

From Julia Fox’s bleached eyebrows to Chrissy Teigan’s eyebrow transplant, celebrities have made eyebrow experimentation an iconic trend. Another star to add to the list? Julianne Moore, who dramatically changed her eyebrows decades ago. This time, the star doesn’t look back on her experience with pride.

Over the years, the actress has shared her beauty and anti-aging secrets. She recently revealed her top tip to Women’s Health. “The biggest number one is sun protection; starting at a young age makes such a big difference.” Moore is also a fan of facial oils and radio frequency facials. She just became a brand ambassador for Hourglass Cosmetics and the role consists of a campaign called We Glow. According to Cosmetics Business, Moore said, “I appreciate the refreshing approach of this campaign, which shows that beauty also comes from within and from the relationships we share.”

Moore also raises eyebrows with an unfiltered chat about her eyebrow journey. The actor is now offering an inexpensive beauty secret — if you touch them, you lose them. She also revealed the reason she went to town on her eyebrows.

Julianne Moore wanted to match with her eyebrows

Julianne Moore can handle her eyebrows — or rather, the lack of them. In an interview with The Sunday Times (via BuzzFeed), Moore said her eyebrows are “dressed now.” Moore previously said Hello! Magazine (via Metro), “My biggest regret is ruining my eyebrows. As soon as I could hold a pair of tweezers in the 1970s, I pulled them all out, being fashionable at the time.”

Moore’s other reason he grabbed the tweezers? As a child, the actress had insecurities about her looks. “Growing up in the US, it felt like nobody had freckles. I just wanted to look like every other tanned American kid,” Moore told The Sunday Times (via W Magazine). So she started plucking and bleaching her brows. She’s now passing her lessons on to her daughter, Liv Freundlich, urging her to leave that aspect of her face alone.

However, Moore isn’t one to obsess over her looks. She mentioned the importance of interests like “family” and “work” to the UK outlet. She added, “Being myopic about how you look is going back. I don’t think it’s going away entirely, I don’t think there’s a person in the world who couldn’t care less; everyone cares.” According to Moore, your mindset can change. “But how much you care and how fruitless that is becomes apparent as you get older.”