Jewel reveals how she’s feeling after the scary incident on the tour bus

Grammy-nominated folk singer Jewel made headlines on Aug. 6 when her tour bus caught fire in a hotel parking lot, according to People.

Jewel revealed the dramatic story in a video posted to TikTok the same day. The singer described it as a “full bus fire” and confirmed no one was hurt as it happened on a “day off” and firefighters were able to quickly put out the fire. She added that they were able to salvage her “vintage guitar and guitar amp.” The text in the video also revealed that the bus driver, whom she called a “hero,” was the one who saved the vintage gear.

Comments from fans flooded in with her warm wishes and gratitude that everyone was safe, with one fan even revealing that she was the bus driver’s daughter. “He’s such a great guy!!!!” Jewel told the user. “The band loves him!” Jewel also told another user that the same bus broke down in the middle of the night just a few nights before.

Jewel responds to a scary bus fire

After her tour bus caught fire, Jewel also took to social media to reveal how she was feeling after the incident. “Everyone is safe!” she wrote in an Instagram post on Saturday. “Thanks to the firefighters and our amazing bus driver for saving the rare vintage gear!”

Additionally, in the TikTok video in which Jewel updated fans on the incident, she concluded by bluntly saying, “All’s well that ends well but how about that cop**t?!”

Jewel is currently on her Am Gold Tour, which features a host of big-name artists including rock bands Train and Blues Traveler, The Voice graduate Thunderstorm Artis and singer Will Anderson. While she didn’t specify exactly where the bus fire took place, it was likely somewhere in rural Colorado as she performed a concert at the legendary Red Rocks Amphitheater in Morrison, Colorado the next day. Although the performance had to be postponed due to lightning, Jewel (and her son) ended up taking the stage to sing some tunes, much to the delight of the audience.