Inside Kathy Hilton’s complicated relationship with her daughter Paris

Kathy Hilton, matriarch of the famous Hilton family that has uncompromisingly dominated America’s social sphere for the last few decades, was undoubtedly cut out for the limelight. Since marrying real estate mogul Richard Hilton in 1979, per People, Kathy has steadily climbed the ladder of success, working her way up to become one of the most respected celebrities and businesswomen in the country.

But while Kathy is known for a mix of things, including her appearance on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, she’s also known for being the mother of Paris and Nicky Hilton. A stunning pop culture personality from 2000, Paris has also found success in showbiz, working as a businesswoman, actress, DJ, and media personality, among other things. But, putting aside very similar careers in the entertainment scene and the uncanny resemblance between them, what is Kathy’s relationship with her eldest daughter really like? Let’s just say it wasn’t all sunshine and roses.

Paris Hilton once “hated” her mother

To the public, Paris Hilton has always been a Hollywood queen, but behind closed doors she has lived a very different life. In This is Paris, her 2020 documentary, Paris opened up about the difficult times she faced after her parents, Kathy and Richard Hilton, sent her to Provo Canyon School in Utah, a boarding school where she was abused. Before her time at the school, Paris had lived a party-hard lifestyle, so sending her to boarding school seemed like the only solution for Kathy and Richard – but it wasn’t. “It should be a school, but [classes] weren’t the focus at all,” Paris told People in 2020. “From the moment I woke up until I went to bed it was screaming in my face, yelling at me, constant torture all day.”

Not surprisingly, she was traumatized by the experience, as the ‘House of Wax’ star admitted she was once angry with her parents. “Right about that time I said I hated my parents, but I didn’t really mean it I guess,” Paris told HollywoodLife. Following the documentary’s release, Kathy appeared on Andy Cohen Live, where she revealed how devastating it was to learn of Paris’ abuse. “But it put me in such a depression,” she said. “I mean, a lot of people understood that we’re trying to help our daughter. We tried to save Paris…”

Kathy Hilton and her daughter are closer than ever

Paris Hilton and Kathy Hilton might have had their rough times, but the mother-daughter duo has apparently put it behind them. During an appearance on The Tamron Hall Show in February, Paris revealed her bond with Kathy is now stronger than ever after her mother apologized. “We’re so much closer now,” she admitted to Tamron Hall. “It was something that traumatized me [what I] went through and something that was such a painful topic of conversation for both of us.

While drafting the show, Paris shared how grateful she is to Kathy for understanding the pain she was going through and apologizing for the role she was playing. According to the famous DJ, hearing her mother apologize was something she had “waited for a very long time”.

Now Paris, who married venture capitalist Carter Reum in November 2021, hopes to be just like Kathy when she starts having children. “I want to be like my mom — like her best friend, where they feel like they can come and talk to me about anything,” Paris said (via Metro). “Very supportive and fun and playful.” Whenever she decides to start her family, Paris will no doubt be a great mom to her little ones!