Inside Bella Thorne’s messy breakup with Mod Sun

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Former Disney Channel star Bella Thorne has come a long way since her sane days on the family-friendly network. Though Disney managed to keep Thorne’s rebellious nature under wraps until the end of 2013’s Shake It Up, the actress wasted no time in stretching her wings. From openly discussing her drug use, to directing an adult film, to making headlines for her unconventional relationships, Thorne has proven that she’s a wild child at heart. But of all her forward-looking choices, it’s the star’s love life that continues to garner the most media attention.

In June, Thorne split from Italian boyfriend Benjamin Mascolo, whom she met at Coachella in 2019, according to Nylon. “I fell in love with an Italian pop star, so I’m basically Lizzie McGuire,” Thorne joked at the time. Like McGuire’s brief romance with Paolo, however, Thorne and Mascolo were not meant to be. “I promised myself I would embrace the pain and discomfort that comes with such a breakup with the woman I love most and always will love,” Mascolo wrote on Instagram at the time of the breakup (via Elite Daily).

Though their split made headlines, Thorne’s engagement to Mascolo was relatively harmless news, as it came after her polyamorous throuple with singer Mod Sun and YouTuber Tana Mongeau. Ever since she began dating Sun in 2017, Thorne hasn’t been shy about documenting all the sweet aspects of their relationship, which made their 2019 breakup drama all the more surprising.

Bella Thorne and Mod Sun posted their breakup drama on Twitter

In 2019, Bella Thorne announced her split from Mod Sun via Instagram, writing, “I will always love you. All good things must come to an end.” But that sentiment may have been the last of Thorne’s amicable feelings toward her ex. The duo got into a fight on Twitter shortly after, with Sun joking about selling Thorne’s belongings on eBay (via TooFab) . Although the musician later clarified that he was “joking,” Thorne took to social media to blast Sun. “Oh, looks like Maddy really wants some press. #Hungry didn’t you call the police when I wanted my computer too? Up p***y”, she wrote. In response, Sun championed claims that Thorne was “untrustworthy”. “I’ve also told you 6 times since we swapped each other’s things but you refuse to collect mine,” he added (via Twitter).

The whole thing felt a little more contentious than the typical aftermath of a breakup. Indeed, days after the tweets, Sun appeared on iHeartRadio’s “Domenick Nati Show” where he accused Thorne of being unfaithful. “I fucking was [faithful]’ the musician claimed. “I will not speak for her. You’ve already seen that [was] with someone the next day, so you know how my head is gonna be after seeing that, right? …But me? … I didn’t even look at another girl.” The Sun added that he broke up with Thorne due to a “public incident,” while Page Six confirmed it happened at Coachella.

Mod Sun continued to criticize Bella Thorne

Things between Bella Thorne and Mod Sun continued to deteriorate when Thorne released her book, The Life of a Mogul Wannabe: Mental Confusion in 2019. According to HollywoodLife, the Disney Channel alum publicized around the launch by revealing that she and Sun had a sham wedding while they were together. This did Not get along well with her ex. “Don’t use our wedding video to promote your book,” Sun Thorne said on Twitter (via HollywoodLife). “Don’t disrespect my idea of ​​what love is…if you were just faking it that day, then you really are an amazing actress. Stop intentionally hurting people [who are] Healing.” The two threw more barbs at each other on social media, culminating with Thorne’s accusation that Sun broke up with her “on the anniversary of”. [her] father’s death.”

But that wasn’t the end of their feud. In 2020, Sun slammed Thorne for her controversial outing on NSFW website OnlyFans. Critics felt the actor’s presence on the site unfairly took revenue from actual sex workers – and Sun seemed to agree. “It’s insulting what she did to sex workers,” he said in an interview with TooFab, calling his ex “bad values.” “Cheating people is rubbish bro,” he added. “It’s about time the rich had richer assets. This life of cheating isn’t cool.” Looks like the two won’t be friends anytime soon.