How Lauren London is really doing after Nipsey Hussle’s untimely death

Rap mogul Nipsey Hussle, who was born Ermias Asghedom, died on March 31, 2019, leaving behind his girlfriend Lauren London and two children. He and London shared a son, Kross, who was born in 2016, according to The US Sun. According to NBC News, the entrepreneur was shot 10 times before finally succumbing to his injuries. On July 6, three years after his tragic death, Eric Holder Jr. was found guilty of first-degree murder, assault and criminal possession of a firearm, and two counts of attempted manslaughter for injuring bystanders, according to CNN. Hussle’s friend Herman “Cowboy” Douglas summed up feelings about his death after the sentencing hearing, saying, “It was so pointless, why?” But as Hussle’s song “The Marathon Continues” goes, his family and friends will have to pick up the pieces after his death pick up.

In 2021, two years after his death, London took to Instagram to post a tribute to Hussle. She said that his death “changed the course of my life forever”. London continued: “2 years and it feels like yesterday and forever at the same time. Sorrow and healing have been constant companions on this journey.” The actress dug deep and showed her vulnerability when she appeared on a podcast in July. She shared some insights and revealed what her challenges were and how she’s still working to overcome them. London has shared the true story of how she dealt with Hussle’s death – and it’s a tearful one.

Lauren London thought Nipsey Hussle would live forever

When Nipsey Hussle died, he was dating his son’s mother, Lauren London. She often posts about the rapper on her social media account, like last year on his birthday. She wrote: “Missing you is just apart [sic] my DNA and I wear it with honor.” She also appeared on the Angie Martinez IRL podcast in July, shortly after Eric Holder Jr. was convicted of Hussle’s murder. She spoke about Hussle and how she had come to terms with his death.

Speaking about her grief, London said, “I thought if Hussle was Superman, he’d live forever.” After Hussle’s funeral, “people go back to their lives,” the actor said. She revealed the approach she took with her children. “It was real and I was very honest with them. That’s life… That’s sadness,” London said. “I don’t want them to have a fake life reality,” she continued. London also revealed that she wasn’t looking for a new romance. She explained, “I may never be married, but I’ve experienced pure love … with Nip … I don’t have to do that again.” Cue the tissues.

In March, London also spoke to Jay Shetty on his podcast about the aftermath of Hussle’s death. She revealed, “If you have this plan for your life … if or when it goes haywire, and you now have a plan B to get started, which you didn’t plan, this is the ultimate test of surrender.”