How did Ivana Trump spend her last hours before her death?

Czech-American businesswoman and socialite Ivana Trump was unexpectedly found dead at her Manhattan home on July 14 at the age of 73. Given her status as former President Donald Trump’s first wife — and mother of his three eldest children, all of whom are being investigated by the New York Attorney General’s Office for possible financial crimes as executive director of the Trump Organization — and her unusual cause of death (falling from a staircase) , the news of Ivana’s death quickly spread around the globe, creating much excitement and numerous conspiracy theories (mainly due to alleged criminal activities of her family), which were largely debunked.

In addition, Trump left behind three children, ten grandchildren and many other loved ones who were devastated after their deaths. “Mom, we’re going to miss you incredibly,” her eldest child, Donald Trump Jr., posted in an Instagram tribute the day after her death. “Thank you for always pushing us hard, never letting us get away with it, and instilling so many incredible values ​​and personality traits… I love you very much.”

Almost two weeks later, the public continues to learn previously unknown details about her death and the last few days and hours before. Now, as the news continues to unravel, it has become exceedingly clear that Ivana Trump’s health was deteriorating rapidly, with several of her friends even urging her to see a doctor before she finally succumbed to her body’s weakness, leaving her loved ones in mourning.

Ivana Trump retrieved a cup of soup before her death

Ivana Trump’s final moments in public may have been while getting soup from a Manhattan restaurant, according to a new report from the New York Post. According to the outlet, due to her poor health, Trump required a personal health advisor to visit one of her favorite restaurants, Altesi Ristorante, at 6 p.m. on Wednesday, July 13, less than 24 hours before her death. She was friends with the owner Paolo Alavian, with whom she chatted outside the restaurant before collecting the soup she had ordered and heading home.

Alavian added that while she appeared tired, she still looked “very, very normal.” He also revealed that when Trump visited him for his birthday just weeks earlier, she once again failed to make it up the front steps leading down to the basement restaurant. He explained that he went outside to greet her, where she wished him “happy birthday” and gave him “the biggest hug”. “I was very satisfied,” he said.

Others have confirmed Trump’s ill health in her final days, including Thomas Makkos, the owner of Nello, another of Trump’s favorite Manhattan restaurants, according to the Post. “She’s aged in a way that you weren’t used to,” Makkos said of Trump’s health after the COVID-19 lockdowns. “She aged very quickly [in] the last year.” A few weeks earlier, he said, “She had trouble walking. We had to help her home.”

Ivana Trump wanted to go on vacation the weekend after her death

Paolo Alavian and Thomas Makkos weren’t the only New York restaurant owners to befriend Ivana Trump — noting that her health was declining in the weeks and months leading up to her death. A few days after her death, Zach Erdem, a Turkish immigrant who owns 75 Main, an Italian restaurant in the Hamptons, spoke to People about his friendship with Trump, during which he revealed her heartbreaking last words to him in the weeks prior.

Erdem explained that she told him “for the first time” that she might not be able to make it to the Hamptons and visit him this summer as she has plans to visit Europe instead, which she’s pretty excited about. In fact, her departure ticket for the following weekend was already booked. “She should go there on Friday or Saturday or today,” explained Erdem. “But then she said, ‘I want to go back. I’m coming back to see you and I can’t wait to see you.’”

According to the New York Post, Erdem agreed that it was clear Trump’s health was failing. “Something was wrong with her hip,” he said, “she couldn’t walk.” He added that in the end Trump “couldn’t [even] Get out of her house.” Erdem claimed he urged her to see a doctor, but she refused. “No, I hate going to doctors,” he recalled her saying. “I understand more go to the doctor sick.'”