How David and Victoria Beckham really met

It seems almost unbelievable that there ever was a world where David and Victoria Beckham were together were not a couple. However, it is true. Once upon a time, a long, long time ago, lovebirds were just complete strangers.

The Beckhams have been married for 23 years and together even longer. Usually, that’s a long time — and in Hollywood, it’s basically an eon. As such, these two have become nothing short of a package deal. “Posh and Becks”, “David and Victoria”, “The Beckhams”: Whatever their nickname, they are an inseparable couple.

However, there was a time when tabloid critics doubted they would stay together. Sharing a hilarious Instagram post commemorating 23 years of marriage in July, Victoria joked alongside a crying emoji, “They said it wouldn’t last.” Despite the naysayers, the pop star-turned-fashion designer previously told British Vogue (via People) that they’ve gotten to a point where even the most vicious rumors can’t get them down. “We both recognize that we are stronger together than individually,” she told the outlet. It’s a match made in A-list heaven… but where did this love story begin?

It was love at first sight for the Beckhams

If David and Victoria Beckham’s marriage didn’t already feel like a fairy tale (um, they got married in one indeed Irish Castle) their meeting is the stuff of a romantic comedy. In an open letter to herself published by British Vogue in 2016, the Spice Girls alum recounted their very first encounter. “There is love at first sight. It will happen to you in the Manchester United players’ lounge,” she wrote.

The Now Mrs. Beckham added that what first struck her was that David had chosen to spend time with his family instead of hanging out with his teammates. At the time, David hadn’t hit the big leagues. As Victoria reminisced in her typically wry humor, “You’re the famous one.” That made his decision to refrain from any chatter even more impressive. “You’re close to your family too, and you’ll think how similar he is to you.”

David previously shared that he, too, knew early on that his wife was “the one.” By “early” we mean before they even met. As he told W Magazine in 2007, one look at her in a music video was all it took. “I turned to Gary [Neville, his former Manchester United teammate] and said, ‘Here, that’s the girl I’m going to marry.’” David Beckham: Superstar Soccer Sensation and Master of Manifestation!

But that doesn’t mean there wasn’t awkwardness

As Victoria Beckham was quick to remind fans via British Vogue, she was more famous than her future husband when they first met. Perhaps that’s why she saw their love story unfold seamlessly. That or the fact that in the same letter she joked about drinking and “blurred” details of their first meeting. Anyhow, David Beckham was open early on about how shy he was around her.

Speaking to W Magazine, David shared that he thought he’d ruined his chances after they first met. “I was just kind of waving from across the bar,” he admitted. When he finally dared to talk, he added that all he could really muster was a greeting. It wasn’t until a week later, when they met again at another game, that he actually got her number. Luckily for David, he overcame the shyness and the rest is history. Today they’re the proud parents of four children, and with their eldest Brooklyn marrying Nicola Anne Peltz earlier this year, they also now have their first daughter-in-law.

A lot has changed for the Beckhams since they first met. David became an internationally known soccer star. Victoria has evolved from a pop star who “showed up at awards shows that resembled a drag queen” — her own words, per British Vogue — to a fashion designer known for her minimalist clothing line. One thing that hasn’t changed though? Their enduring love for each other. A happy ending indeed!