Here’s why Kathy Griffin and Elisabeth Hasselbeck fought over the view

Kathy Griffin and Elizabeth Hasselbeck are no strangers to media reactions. Although some people may argue that they are polar opposites, the two have one thing in common – they have both been the subject of great controversy.

Griffin may be applauded for her daring stand-up comedy, but once she went too far. In 2017, she got into hot water for sharing a photo of herself wearing a mask of Donald Trump’s severed bloodied head. She ignited public uproar and angry reactions from notable figures, and was essentially banned from Hollywood. Griffin’s Trump photo scandal led to serious personal and professional consequences, including being fired from her CNN job and a law enforcement investigation, according to The New York Times. “I wasn’t cancelled, I was deleted,” she told the outlet.

Meanwhile, Hasselbeck recently returned to The View after co-hosting the morning talk show from 2003 to 2013, per persons. In the past, Hasselbeck’s outspoken personality and conservative beliefs have caused friction among guests. According to the outlet, a nasty argument in 2007 with co-host Rosie O’Donnell resulted in O’Donnell actually leaving the show. Another guest not so hot on Hasselbeck’s radar? Gripping. In fact, the two had a long-running feud filled with fiery remarks. Let’s take a look.

Elisabeth Hasselbeck certainly wasn’t laughing at Kathy Griffin’s jokes

On a June 2010 episode of “The View,” co-host Sherri Shepherd asked guest Kathy Griffin if she ever felt remorse for targeting people in her comedy routines. Griffin admitted that while her jokes don’t always land, it hasn’t stopped her from going full force. “Nothing is off the table,” she said. Hasselbeck countered, “You’ve said things about people here that are A. untrue and B. not that funny. Prepared for the fight, Griffin replied, “This is the moment I’m living for, so bring it with me.” When the segment ended, the two exchanged inaudible banter before agreeing that everything was fine.

However, things did not remain calm for too long. Hasselbeck was guilty of attribution on a July 2010 episode of “The View,” according to Entertainment Weekly. Apparently, Griffin made a joke on her Bravo show “My Life on the D-List” about Senator Scott Brown “having two daughters who are prostitutes.” Hasselbeck countered, “You’re defending your daughters from the scum that’s after them.” Co-host Joy Behar quizzed Hasselbeck and said, “Are you calling Kathy ‘scum’ now?” named a prostitute would you think they were scum? I would name her [sic] Scum.” Then Behar defended Griffin, saying, “I know my daughter isn’t a prostitute, so [would be] funny. It’s just a joke, Elizabeth.” Oops.

Kathy Griffin made a reaction video to Elisabeth Hasselbeck

In 2012, Kathy Griffin stirred the Elisabeth Hasselbeck pot in her talk show “Kathy”. Rehashing former President Barack Obama’s performance on The View, Griffin made scathing remarks about The View’s co-host. “Elisabeth Hasselbeck said something really stupid, let’s take a look,” Griffin said, per HuffPost. Later, when the producers put up a picture of Hasselbeck, Griffin demanded, “No, don’t show that nice picture of her. After all the names she called me, put that freakin’ crazy face on.”

Even after this scenario, Griffin did not end the feud. In 2013, Hasselbeck got into a heated argument over the morning-after pill with Barbara Walters on The View, which almost made Hasselbeck quit. When the show switched to commercials, a leaked video played for Variety Audio of Hasselbeck caught in a meltdown. “Fuck it all. I’m not going to sit there and be reprimanded on the air,” she said.

Then, in 2019, Griffin filmed a reaction video to the incident. in one tweet, Griffin introduced her video, “It’s, well, VICIOUS and I hope it makes you laugh.” It was downright vicious as Griffin spent 13 minutes analyzing the seizure, cracking jokes about it, some of making Hasselbeck’s outbursts her ringtones, and taking apart the co-host of The View. Addressing Hasselbeck’s comments about the reprimand, Griffin stated, “By the way, if you take this job, you know a lot of it is reprimanded on the air.” There’s no shortage of fighting between these two.