Here’s what Chord Overstreet Of Glee is up to today

Chord Overstreet is an American actor best known for his role as Sam Evans on Fox’s Glee, which he reprized from season two in 2010 until the series ended in 2015. Glee, a show Overstreet known for his musical inclinations, also showcased his talent as a singer, with his debut number as Sam — Travie McCoy and Bruno Mars’ “Billionaire” — garnered rave reviews by viewers was immediately well received. It quickly became a huge hit with the show’s audience, with the hashtag #DontCutTheChord trending after it was revealed Overstreet may not return for Season 3 (although he did later return). Overstreet’s rendition of “Billionaire” later shot into the top 10 on the “Glee’s” chart, thanks to Overstreet’s fan-run campaign via Mass Live.

But what has Overstreet been up to since his time on Glee? Well, fans might not be surprised to learn that the multi-talented entertainer has a big career ahead of him.

Chord Overstreet launched a successful singing career

It seems like “Glee” is just the beginning of Chord Overstreet. In December 2015, a few months after the “Glee” series finale, Overstreet became the first artist to sign onto Demi Lovato and Nick Jonas’ newly formed Safehouse Records, per Teen Vogue. He soon released his debut single entitled “Homeland”. The song was well received, with Digital Journal even saying that Overstreet “sings from the heart and is able to forge a strong connection with his listening audience.” Since then, Overstreet has released nearly a dozen singles and EPs, most recently “Stone Man” in 2021.

When it comes to the show that made him famous, Overstreet has nothing but positive things to say about how “Glee” impacted his music career. “I became a better singer, I became a better performer, I felt more comfortable and confident about who I am,” Overstreet said in a 2017 interview with Billboard. “I learned so much from [‘Glee’]”, he added. “I learned how to perform, I got over stage fright, a lot of those insecurities that a lot of people struggle with when it comes to singing in front of people.”

He also referred to “Glee” as “boot camp at its best” in 2017, according to People. “I learned more than I could have ever learned from acting or singing classes,” he said. “I couldn’t get this experience anywhere else.”

Chord Overstreet is currently starring in an AppleTV+ series

While Chord Overstreet hasn’t shyed away from demonstrating his singing talents, he has also continued his successful acting career. While he’s guest-starred in Freeform’s The Bold Type and Quibi’s Royalties (created by and starring fellow Glee cast member Darren Criss), along with a role in Disney’s Pickle and Peanut, per IMDb, his most notable Role since “Glee” is arguably his role as Chad Davies in the ongoing AppleTV+ series “Acapulco,” a comedy series set in the 1980s Mexican city of the same name. According to Rolling Stone, Chad from Overstreet is the privileged American friend of Julia (Camila Perez), who is the love interest of main character Máximo Ramos, portrayed by Eugenio Derbez.

In addition, Overstreet will appear in Falling for Christmas, a Christmas-themed Netflix film in which he will star alongside Lindsay Lohan. It is scheduled to be released in late 2022.

Of course, as far as acting went, Overstreet also saw great value in what “Glee” taught him. “It was sort of like a college education,” Overstreet, who was 21 when he started “Glee,” said Backstage in 2021. “It pretty much got thrown into a machine — a well-oiled machine that.” is working. You have to catch up and you have to learn very quickly just to keep up.”