Guy Fieri Proves Everyone Wrong About His Diet

By consuming mouthwatering, filling meals on the Food Network, Guy Fieri became well-known. According to YouGov America, viewers of the long-running “Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives” can’t get enough of Guy Fieri driving across the United States, Mexico, and Canada to sample the best comfort foods the continent has to offer. This has contributed to the show’s status as one of the most watched modern TV programs. Each episode centers on a certain comfort food category, such pizza or hamburgers, and it follows Fieri as he visits several restaurants that meet the subject.

Fans of the chef have understandably come to connect him with fatty, oily cuisine (along with Fieri’s bleach-blonde hair and eye-popping attire). He is aware that that is par for the course. He declared on TODAY in January 2019: “I mean, I wore a flamed shirt for one hour 12 years ago, and that thing’s followed me forever!” Despite his passion for burgers and barbecue, Fieri is a trained restaurateur who appreciates a variety of meals.

He truly enjoys eating Asian food, and soy sauce is at the top of the list of components he simply cannot do without. Another dish that contradicts the stereotypes of Fieri that many of us may have about him from his well-known TV program is brussel sprouts, which comes in at a close second. However, Fieri provided new information about his diet in a December 16 interview with GQ, disproving the majority of our assumptions about what he often eats.

Guy Fieri revealed he’s into salads and CrossFit

Burgers are one of Guy Fieri’s favorite dishes, although he doesn’t include them among his favorites. People frequently assume that all he consumes for lunch is deep-fried pizza and cheeseburgers, but he also enjoys salads, sushi, and Thai cuisine. Furthermore, comfort food doesn’t get much attention outside of his work life. Fieri stated he spends his free time making wholesome meals at home for his family and himself. “I don’t eat out much because I’m typically traveling. I prepare meals at home, “Added he.

Although Fieri frequently grills meat on his shows, he is content to stick to veggies. In 2019, Fieri told TODAY, “I’m not suggesting that I’m a vegetarian, but people would be amazed at the quantity of plant-based dishes that I eat. Fans of “Diners, Dive-Ins and Dives” will also remember that Fieri has a significant obstacle in his relationship with comfort American food: He doesn’t like eggs. He gave an interview to My Recipes in 2018 and explained his motivations.

Not everything of Fieri’s regimen, which he disclosed to GQ, is as startling as his enthusiasm for healthy food. It turns out that Fieri is a huge fan of HIIT and CrossFit. I love to hike and lift weights, but I found that if I don’t do the interval training to raise my heart rate, I’m not getting the most out of it.