Cardi B unleashes shady fan rumor about her husband Offset

Hollywood stars are no strangers to cyberbullying and malicious attacks from internet trolls. But while some would rather ignore negative comments, others just don’t care enough to respond. However, there are a few stars who just won’t tolerate snide comments; Cardi B is one of those people not to mess with. In 2019, the “Motorsport” rapper made headlines after he pulled up in New York to confront an internet troll. “I don’t care about trolling, I pull the shit up,” Cardi said in one Video show interaction.

In 2020, the rapper was back at it, defending her daughter Kulture from a troll who was targeting the little ones’ looks. “My daughter is by far the cutest bitch, so sit down with your overgrown gums,” Cardi replied (via Paper). “That’s a fake tweet. Stupid b***h play with your mom or don’t play with mines in traffic.” And now, after all that success and fame, Cardi is proving once again that she won’t sit idly by when rumors swirl.

Cardi B isn’t here for rumours

If there’s one thing Cardi B will do, she’s defending herself — and her man. On Aug. 24, the rapper got into an online scuffle with a Twitter user who accused her husband Offset cheats on her with Saweetie, Quavo’s ex-girlfriend. In her answer, Cardi accused the user of lying and making things up without any evidence. “No blog has ever talked about it, suddenly you get out of jail 5 days ago and you made up for the lie in 2 hours with no receipts!” the rapper added. But it didn’t end there.

In another tweet, the troll also brought up Offset’s criminal record, which includes charges of drug offenses and gun possession, according to Billboard. Cardi, one more time answeredShe defended her husband, whom she described as a hustler. “You bring up my n– and try to piss me off… LET’S DON’T TALK ABOUT HUSBAND NOW,” she added.

The Twitter back-and-forth comes in the wake of Offset’s feud with his record label Quality Control. And while Cardi largely avoids discussing her husband’s affairs, the “Be Careful” rapper couldn’t help it this time. “Offset bought out his Qc deal after they refused to renegotiate his contract,” she wrote (via Vibe). “I’m tired of people trying to make Offset look like the bad guy… ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!”