Brandi Glanville Freaked Out When Encountering This On A Plane

You can’t say Brandi Glanville, a former cast member of “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills,” isn’t tough. Brandi’s only claim to fame before she joined the franchise was going through a public divorce from Eddie Cibrian, who had repeatedly cheated on her. His connection with LeAnn Rimes, to whom he is currently married, was foremost among the cheaters, and who could forget Scheana Shay?

At Lisa Vanderpump’s urging, Brandi actually sat down at the Scheana and tried to work things out. During Brandi’s time on “RHOBH,” Lisa and Brandi were fairly close, but by the time Brandi left the program, Lisa and Brandi seldom spoke to one another. Brandi said in Season 4 that Lisa had taken newspapers exposing Kyle Richards’ husband’s alleged infidelity on vacation on purpose to harm Kyle and cause controversy. Naturally, Lisa would not accept it. According to Us Weekly, the two could hardly fit in the same room together when the reunion finally happened.

All of this is to suggest that Brandi, despite her issues, is not a coward. After all, competing against Lisa Vanderpump is no easy task. However, it turns out that Brandi is terrified of something, even if she may not be scared of her most cunning co-stars.

Brandi Glanville’s fans are skeptical.

On December 21, reality personality Brandi Glanville vented on Twitter over a recent flight seatmate. A woman who brought her pet parrot on board was seated next to Brandi. Want to know how things propagate? Brandi wrote. Not only online tweets but actual birds on aircraft that can escape cages and spread their wings and spread f***ing EVERYTHING ELSE, like in the new movie, “Birds on Planes.”

Brandi is just partly right. Birds may carry illnesses that can be passed to humans, according to the CDC. It also adds that the likelihood of contracting a serious sickness is low as long as you take the necessary measures, such as cleaning your hands and making sure your bird is healthy.

Brandi’s supporters were quick to criticize her for maybe overreacting. One supporter retorted, “[T]ell me you don’t understand how illnesses are transmitted without telling me you don’t understand—I like the confidence, though.” “Perhaps she was relocating, or she needed to bring the pet home for the holidays.” Another wrote: “A responsible owner is one who shows such concern and does not simply discard an animal due to inconvenience “another wrote. “Don’t be so harsh on other people.” Brandi didn’t react to any of the comments, so we can only assume that they didn’t persuade her to reconsider her position on birds flying in airplanes.