Alicia Dea Josipovic Reveals What Makes Her New Holiday Movie Secretly Santa Stand Out – Exclusive

Since “Degrassi: The Next Generation” ended in 2013, fans of the show have probably been keeping up with Alicia Dea Josipovic‘s career. Josipovic has performed in several TV and film roles in addition to starting to record her debut album. Her most recent appearance is in the sweet Christmas movie “Secretly Santa” on Lifetime.

Nicki Swift spoke with Josipovic about why she chose to appear in the adorable romantic comedy, saying, “I’ve always wanted to do a holiday movie.” So here is my first film for Christmas, and it’s been a while coming. ” In the movie “Secretly Santa,” Josipovic portrays Miranda, who dresses up for a holiday party and encounters a surly Santa Claus. What Miranda doesn’t know is that Paul, her business adversary, is really her secret Santa, with whom she maintains an online affair. It soon becomes apparent that “Secretly Santa” is a must-watch this Christmas season as chemistry between the film’s protagonists begins to fly.

To find out why Lifetime’s “Secretly Santa” stands out this Christmas season, Nicki Swift chatted with Alicia Dea Josipovic.

Why should you put Secret Santa on your list?

There are so many Christmas movies to pick from now that the holiday season has arrived. But Alicia Dea Josipovic thinks “Secretly Santa” on Lifetime distinguishes itself from the competition in 2021. I believe it to be somewhat different as well, right? Since this is the only LGBTQ theme we’ve seen in these Lifetime and Hallmark movies, it’s because there is one, “I told Nicki Swift, the actress. “A lot of diversity is present as well. So this one will undoubtedly be more memorable than some of the others. ”

Josipovic said, “I’ve been wanting to do a Christmas movie for at least the last several years, and when I got handed the screenplay and when I got the offer, I just was pulled to Miranda because she’s just such a hustler.” Josipovic went on to explain why she was drawn to the holiday rom-com. She went on, “She is a regular girl who hustles, but she also has a lot of heart. She is a powerful, independent lady who sticks up for her values. I thought, “I really like this character,” as a result. I just adore the plot, which is focused mostly on making a cheery Christmas movie. I was so really eager to do my first holiday movie. ”

Lifetime is the only place to view “Secretly Santa.”