Robert Downey Jr. once dated one of his Marvel co-stars

“Sherlock Holmes” star Robert Downey Jr. has had a long and colorful acting career that stretches from the 80s to the present day. But his life has been filled with drama, from drug and alcohol addiction to stints behind bars and great loves. Among them was Downey’s relationship with Sarah Jessica Parker. They were together … Read more

Vanessa Bryant’s statement reveals heartbreaking hopes Kobe had for the future

The helicopter crash that killed Kobe Bryant, his teenage daughter Gianna Bryant, and seven other souls in January 2020 seems increasingly tragic. The horrifying accident made headlines back in August when Vanessa Bryant went to court after filing a lawsuit against Los Angeles County, claiming, per People, that she was suffering from emotional distress because … Read more

What does Demi Lovato’s 29 really mean? Here’s what we think

Demi Lovato has always used her music to express her feelings and opinions. However, their latest album seems to take things to a whole new level. The YouTube trailer for “Holy Fvck” featured pop punk music before Lovato sat silently in a bathtub. The darker tone certainly implied that some of the songs would be … Read more

The Unexpected Way Bruce Willis’ Wife Bonds With Demi Moore

Some celebs actually manage to remain friends with their exes, and there are many famous parents who have successfully reunited their families after getting divorced and remarried. Demi Moore and Bruce Willis are a prime example of a former couple who went on to have excellent relationships after their split. The ‘GI Jane’ star and … Read more

Blake Shelton returns to one of his most striking hairstyles

While Blake Shelton has been known for his one-off looks in recent years, that doesn’t mean he hasn’t experimented with his style before. When he debuted on the music scene with his first single, “Austin,” in 2001, the country singer looked completely different. In the music video, the “Nobody But You” hitmaker wore a long, … Read more